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Bathroom Remodels

Custom Bathroom Remodels in Richmond, VA

So what room in the house has the highest probability of damage?  If you guessed the bathroom, you're exactly right!  Bathrooms require the most amount of maintenance and modification due to the frequent use.  And if you're finding that your bathroom is no longer serving the needs of you and your family then a new remodel may be just the answer. 

At Oley's Custom Renovations we're proficient on all the latest bathroom styles, looks and technology.  We can advise you on exactly what's best for your home based on it's layout and current look.  The bottom line is we can turn your bathroom into a place you'll want to retreat to for luxury and comfort. 

Our Bathroom Remodeling Services include:

  1. Custom Showers
  2. Soaker Tubs
  3. Custom Vanities
  4. Wall & Ceiling Renovation
  5. New Sinks, Countertops and faucets
  6. Lights, Glass Doors, Jets, etc. 
  7. Plumbing Fixtures
  8. And Much More

We discuss exactly what you're dreaming of and turn it into reality.  No job is too big or too small.  

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