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Cabinet Refacing & Refinishing

Making your old cabinets look brand new again

Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet Refacing is the process of refinishing cabinet boxes and replacing the doors and drawers.  With our refacing services we use solid wood with over 30 different species to choose from.  Our drawer boxes are assembled out of 3/4 inch hard maple wood and we use blum cabinet hardware for drawer and door hardware.  In addition our color options are almost unlimited so we can zero in on the exact color you want.


Cabinet refacing is a popular option over cabinet replacement because it can you a new theme without changing the layout of the kitchen.  It's also far less expensive than full cabinet replacement. 

Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinet Refinishing

Refinishing is the process of wet/dry sanding the existing cabinets then changing the color to the desired design.  When we refinish we first sand the doors down.  Next we spray 3 coats of synthetic shellac using an HVLP fine finish spray system.  Doors will also receive 3 coats of desired color and alkyd paint.  Our finished cabinets are all low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound).


When we refinish cabinet boxes, the sanding and refinishing process is all contained in the kitchen by our prepping process so we can keep all dust and overspray from entering the rest of the house.  The benefit here is there are no lingering fumes or odors in our refinishing process. 

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