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Kitchen & Bathroom Closet Remodels

Closet Remodels in Richmond, VA

Are you running into a problem with closet space?  Are your closets old, out dated and unsuitable for your needs?  If that's the case, maybe it's time to consider a new custom closet configured exactly the way you want it to give you the look and space you need.  

At Oley's Custom Renovations one of our specialties is designing and building custom closets. No matter what type of closet you need our professionals can help design, create and build it.  Everything from walk in closets to reach in closets, laundry cabinets, garage cabinets and kitchen pantries are all within our expertise.  

And if you're not sure of what type of design you're after we can even make recommendations on that as well.   

Types of Design:

  1. Contemporary Design
  2. Modern Design which includes a mixture of designs
  3. Industrial Designs which include old timber, concrete or solid panels
  4. Mid Century Modern Design which is a more of a throwback
  5. Traditional Design

We can build floating shelves with any of our remodels and we only use high end materials to give you much better quality. We proudly service Richmond and the Tri Cities including all the surrounding counties. 

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